Caveman in São Paulo

Pinacoteca, São Paulo, 05 de agosto de 2014 10:27

I tried to act normal, but a turist from a small city can be recognized easily. Soooooooooo many people walking and signs to follow… hell São Paulo is big! But anyway, I got here.

Imagine a caveman discovering the sun and an amazing view of a city for the first time… that was me leaving the subway.

Cry of joy was my first reaction. I washed the street with my tears.

On my right I saw a beautiful museum and an old train station. On the other side, a place of pure art. My heart was full of happiness, so I just closed my eyes for a second and thought: “I am so greatful for being here”.

My special thanks to You, for letting me live to see this. Thanks for letting me be alive to experience my first time alone in a city like São Paulo… riding the subway, taking care of myself, happy and most importantly: free.

Life took  an unexpected way to take me where I have always wanted to be: a big city full of art, people and oportunities. Study abroad or start my master’s degree are my next goals , however, if the results this week say I can’t go or do it right now, I will be happy anyway, because I got here today, the place I begged Him to take me.

This simple moment made me realize that if you want something really bad and it is the right time for you to fully enjoy it, you will get it. I, for instance, had to wait so much for this simple moment to happen! I waited more than a year, 4 surgeries, six months of chemo, lots of pain, suffering and was sure I wasn’t going to make it.

 Summing up, be pacient people! But NEVER EVER EVER EVER stop following your dreams!

 There’s a crazy world for you to conquer!!!!

 One of my million dreams came true today, maybe yours are just around the corner. Good luck!

 Ps: There are so many cute, smart and geek guys in São Paulo, so think twice before coming here, because you can “fall in love” with several in the same day, but I don’t guarantee they are not gay, ok?!


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